Ohm's Law for AC series & Parallel Circuits

These are the Ohm's Law formulas for AC Alternating Current Series Circuits. Alternating Current causes a phase shift between voltage and current when inductive or capacitive components are in a circuit. Ohm's Law for AC deals with these phase shifts.

Ohms Law for AC Series & Parallel circuits

Ohms Law for AC -- Alternating Current -- is different from Ohm's Law for DC -- Direct Current -- circuits because DC circuits have only pure resistance. AC circuits may contain Inductive(coil) and/or capacitive(capacitor) reactive circuits. These circuits affect the phase of the voltage and current. This phase shift must be taken into account when analyzing the circuit.

Ohm's Law formulas for AC Series circuits

Ohm's Law formulas for AC Parallel circuits

Inductor or Coil symbol "L" is Measured by it's inductance in units of Henries

What Inductors or coils look like

A capacitor or condenser symbol "C" is Measured by it's capacitance in farads.

What capasitors look like