Why C# is the Best to Start with.

Posted by admin on August 12, 2010

One of the biggest problems beginning programmers have is where to start. There are so many roads to take when first starting out one can lose months attempting to learn programming by starting out on a dead end road by learning the wrong language or the wrong aspect of a particular language for his purpose.

If  programming for the Windows platform is your intention then C# is the only road to go down.

Yes C++ is a great language, but it’s not how great a language is that matters any more it’s the libraries, the documentation, and ease of using a said language that matters. Windows has millions(Windows 7 has 50 million plus) of lines of code that make up it’s operating system. To do anything with windows takes hundreds of thousands of lines of code, a profound understanding of the Windows operating system, along with the thousands of  man hours to do even the smallest of tasks.

Microsoft has spent a great deal of resources on the Visual C# .Net Framework, making it the best programming language for the Windows platform ever.

What this means is that there are miles of prewritten code in the form of functions, methods, and classes saving you miles of programming and they have made the using of this code as easy as possible.

C++, MFC , API programming, have all been left home alone while Microsoft and visual C# .Net Framework have been living it up on the town. Microsoft has spent the time and money on C# to make her a really top programming language. Here in lies the misconception. C# is not a programming language or what I should say is Visual C# .Net Framework from Microsoft is not a programming language it’s a programming environment. Depending on your level of programming experience and complexity of your programs Microsoft’s prewritten code and Visual C#’s compiler will probably do most of the programming. You’ll just be piecing together code snippets called functions, methods and classes, code that someone else has already written,  to create your program.

Don’t get me wrong, you need to know c, c++, and win32 API to do some down and dirty programming in Windows, you’ll also need to know the concepts, theory, and syntax of c and C++ to do the bit of coding you will have to do as well as being able to understand what your looking at in a segment of code. Knowing a bit of Java will also help because Visual C# .Net Framework has combined all of these into C#. But you will have to learn the basics of programming. It’s all the same for any programming language.

Learncpp.com is a great place to learn C++.

Most of the programming languages today are just about all the same, they just change the names of things inside the language and the syntax to call it theirs. They revolves around c and C++ OOP (Object Oriented Programming) . It’s the prewritten libraries, functions, methods, and classes along with the ease of using these prewritten snippets of code, that gives a language it’s power.

To date, Visual C# .Net Framework  is top dog. But beware, Microsoft owns the programming world as far as programming Windows, they could drop support for Visual C# .Net Framework tomorrow and decide to go with MFC.

As an example, the offline help setup for Visual studio 2010 has been totally destroyed.  If you want offline help like you have enjoyed in the past with Visual Studio I would download Visual Studio 2008 Express and it’s offline help files while you still can.

It’s not like years ago where you went in and told the CPU what to do, your playing in an ocean of millions of lines of code. You need a hat with a lot of rabbits in it if you want to pull off any kind of programming tricks these days. Visual C# .Net Framework has such a hat, many of them.

If you disagree or have any questions or comments please let me and my viewers know. Add your comments below.

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