How to become a Computer Programmer?

Posted by admin on August 7, 2010

Becoming a Computer Programmer
You want to learn computer programming, but where do you start, what is the best programming language to learn, how do you get started. I’m going to draw you a simple road map that may save you months of wasted time.

First Download Microsoft’s free C# Express compiler.

Microsoft’s Free C# Express Compiler

You’ll want to learn C and C++ programming theory.

Great C++ Tutorial Site at 

As your learning the C and C++ theory you’ll want to install the Visual C# compiler that you downloaded free from Microsoft and begin looking for  C# .net framework programming examples on the Internet and start programming in the C# .net Framework.

 But Before Doing any of the Above Read This First

It’s important to understand what a programmer is really doing. A programmer is not programming a computer, a programmer is working with the operating system (In this case Windows)  in an attempt to have the operating system perform a given task.

There are usually two parts to a program. One is the interface with the user of the program and the other is the code that does the task.

In Windows a program has a GUI, Graphical User Interface. An example is, when you run a program there is a graphical part with buttons, menus, text boxes and other things for the user to interact with. This is called a GUI. These buttons and things do nothing until you connect them to code that performs a task. These buttons and things involve hundreds of thousands of lines of code that have already been written and are there waiting for you to use.

This is why I’m advising you to use C# .net framework. Microsoft has spent a lot of time developing a huge amount of reusable bits of code for you to use in your program. Not only with the GUI but also for coding the task you may want your program to perform.

It’s important to learn C and C++  OOP so you are able to understand what your doing when you do it, but as far as programming, most of what your doing  is piecing together reusable bits code that have already been written. Thus, saving you thousands of hours of coding that would have taken you years to learn how to code. These bits of code are stored in libraries. They are referred to as classes, functions or methods as in C#.

 Why C#? Because Microsoft has developed this language far beyond the other languages. Microsoft has made using C# extremely easy and has made available to C# programmers huge volumes of pre written code bits to draw from.  

Years ago you had to download the .Net Framework to your computer for programs that used the .Net Framework to work on a computer, so programmers would use C++ or the MFC Framework rather then worry if a client had the .Net Framework loaded on their computer. Now the .Net Framework come loaded with Windows OS so it’s loaded when Windows is installed on the computer. 

Microsoft’s Windows is the OS and Microsoft’s Visual C# is the compiler and Programming language. 

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