Simple Calculator in C#

Lets see how easy C# really is by developing a simple calculator. First open visual C# studio and go to File>New Project> A new project window will open, click on ” Windows Forms Applications” Then name your file  Calculatorcs  then chose a location to save your project then press the OK button. Your “Solution Explorer” window (…Read More)

Why C# is the Best to Start with.

One of the biggest problems beginning programmers have is where to start. There are so many roads to take when first starting out one can lose months attempting to learn programming by starting out on a dead end road by learning the wrong language or the wrong aspect of a particular language for his purpose. (…Read More)

Make money at Home Learn C# Programming

Out of work, or just want to make money at home in your spare time? Create programs and sell them online. Learning C# programming language is easy, and it’s all free. Free downloads of the compiler and tools, Visual C# from Microsoft. Download Visual C# Now Once you download Visual C# from Microsoft your ready (…Read More)

Download Manager in C#

Here is an example of the power of C#.  C# is probably one of the most powerful languages in the hands of a newbie that there is today. Within moments you can be writing  3d video games. The Download Manager I’m describing below compiles fine in Visual Studio 2008 and in visual C# Express 2010. With (…Read More)

How to become a Computer Programmer?

Becoming a Computer Programmer You want to learn computer programming, but where do you start, what is the best programming language to learn, how do you get started. I’m going to draw you a simple road map that may save you months of wasted time. First Download Microsoft’s free C# Express compiler. Microsoft’s Free C# Express Compiler You’ll (…Read More)