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Simple Calculator in C#

Lets see how easy C# really is by developing a simple calculator. First open visual C# studio and go to File>New Project> A new project window will open, click on ” Windows Forms Applications” Then name your file  Calculatorcs  then chose a location to save your project then press the OK button. Your “Solution Explorer” window (…Read More)

Make money at Home Learn C# Programming

Out of work, or just want to make money at home in your spare time? Create programs and sell them online. Learning C# programming language is easy, and it’s all free. Free downloads of the compiler and tools, Visual C# from Microsoft. Download Visual C# Now Once you download Visual C# from Microsoft your ready (…Read More)

Download Manager in C#

Here is an example of the power of C#.  C# is probably one of the most powerful languages in the hands of a newbie that there is today. Within moments you can be writing  3d video games. The Download Manager I’m describing below compiles fine in Visual Studio 2008 and in visual C# Express 2010. With (…Read More)